Statement by DCP

Statement from the committee of the Deangate Community Partnership  (DCP)

DCP is an unincorporated association of some 170 people formed to protect the facility known as Deangate Ridge as such it has no legal status. It is administered by a small number of its active volunteer members.

In accordance with its constitution it will be holding an AGM in May 2019. Agenda and accounts will be published 7 days prior.

The group has received a demand to see   ….“all financial records including receipts, invoices, bank statements and details of donations, subscriptions and income. This is to include all communications and documents relating to the legal advice and obtaining of same including letters and emails between solicitors and counsel. (The barrister).

I require these copies to be provided by 8pm on Friday 26 April 2019 and to be delivered, sealed and marked for my attention to …………….”

We are an unpaid group of volunteers running a community organisation, therefore we do need to be given time to respond to requests.  We will respond to all reasonable requests for information but we are not prepared to divulge any material which is confidential or subject to legal privilege.
We will of course publish an account of the current £3701.64 we hold in a timely manner ahead of the AGM.
We also retain timeline of correspondence and emails etc which would be of interest and useful for historic purposes. The group will not publish a list of donors or members.

Currently DCP has Deangate and its facilities registered as an Asset of Community Value. Medway Council have acknowledge this in its register :-

The Council considered that the application and supporting evidence demonstrates that the use of Deangate Ridge Golf and Sports Complex furthers the social wellbeing and social interest of the local community current use of the remainder of the land is not an ancillary use. The evidence shows that the area plays a role in the community, providing an area for recreation. Accordingly the group has demonstrated that the land furthers the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community.