Save Deangate Petition

Our petition(below) was submitted to Medway Council on 22nd March 2021 with almost 2900 signatures. follow the progress of response from the drop down menu above. (Save Deangate petition progress)

Medway Council’s “New Routes to Growth” consultation shows details of a new spur “relief” road from a new roundabout on Peninsula Way. The new road will effectively destroy the western end of Deangate Golf Course and split it in two. Medway will not release the traffic assessment to justify the road. It is clearly linked to proposals to develop Deangate with luxury housing, described in the plan as “Parkland living”.

Over the past three years residents have effectively demonstrated the need to retain and protect the whole Deangate Ridge Golf Club and Sports Complex asset and by their continued and extensive use of the site for recreation despite any meaningful upkeep by Medway Council and despite the change of use granted to, and continuing “temporary” occupation by, Medway Norse. 

Deangate Ridge Community Partnership succeeded in having the Deangate Golf Club and Sports complex registered as an Asset of Community Value (“ACV”) under s.89 of the Localism Act, providing statutory recognition of its importance to the social wellbeing and social interest of the local community. However that designation expires in April 2023. 

Deangate also sits adjacent to Lodge Hill which is the only protected SSSI site in the country for breeding Nightingales; designated after a national campaign led by the RSPB and the local community. Retention of Deangate free from development, roads and traffic is essential to protect and enhance the rich biodiversity of Lodge Hill.

The evidence clearly shows that the area plays a vital role in the community,  providing an essential wildlife sanctuary and an area for public recreation providing a treasured green lung  for the entire local Hoo Peninsula community, now facing unprecedented major built development.  

We ask you to sign the petition to help to SAVE DEANGATE. 

The asset can be seen listed at

We the under signed petition Medway Council to reject plans to build a relief road on Deangate Ridge Golf and Sports Complex. We further call on Medway Council to retain Deangate Ridge Golf and Sports Complex as an asset  that would further the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community such as a Country Park. 

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