3 Replies to “Response to petition”

  1. This is a disgraceful response!! Totally ignoring what the majority of residents want, which is No More house building on Hoo Peninsula, we who live in this area are being poisoned by pollution already, and the destruction of Hoo Peninsula MUST STOP.
    We all now know that two MP’s and FIVE Councillors have colluded together to stop any building on CAPSTONE VALLEY the area where they live, in order to push this plan onto us who live in the area of the Hoo Peninsula. It’s wrong, it’s unfair, and Pollution causes CANCER and other diseases.

  2. I have believed from day one of closing the facility they already had plans for the land. They being the elected body that are supposed to represent and act in the interests of the electorate, in simple terms us.
    This whole episode from this to the bungled budgeting for rail provision suggests these buffoons really shouldn’t be handling projects any larger than building a garden shed.
    Where is the promised new sports complex they so convincingly promised when Deangate was closed, bearing in mind their only contribution to date is close Deangate golf complex, run down Deangate athletics facility and finally shut Splashes. A totally pathetic record.

  3. If positive proof were needed to support the allegations that Jarrett and his cronies are only in the council to line their own pockets, then we have it! Utter contempt for the populace, and a cavalier disregard for our wishes! Elected officials are supposed to govern with the people, for the people and by the people. In this case it is clearly not happening and I am apoplectic at what in my mind is a dereliction of what these individuals were elected for! Mind you, I should not be surprised that Jarrett’s hand is all over this especially if it means that Capstone and the like are not developed on!

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