5 Replies to “Request for Overview & Scrutiny”

  1. Please let Hoo residents keep Deangate for golf & sports facilities. There is so little for residents to do. No decent parks nothing for the young. Yet the population has grown over recent years . There is even more need for Deangate. Hundreds of houses & thousands of people moving into Hoo & surrounding areas. Please retain Deangate for the people.

  2. Medway Council won’t listen to all our concerns, as they have ulterior motives when it comes to Deangate I’m afraid.

  3. It appears that Medway Council has no concern for the issues that concern the populace of the area regarding the welfare of the people, the amenities of the area for recreation and wellbeing and the all round impact on the balance of the area. It appears that Medway Council are only concerned for the populace when it comes to the time to vote! They pay lip service to our entreaties for an opportunity to see the right thing done by the area, and blatantly disregard our wishes when there is money to be made! If you ask me, the role of custodians of the area and the associated beauty (rather, the dereliction of it!) of the area has passed unanimously to the people!

  4. With an ever increasing population on the Hoo Peninsular there is a growing need for green space and leisure facilities. Deangate Ridge provides this at relatively low cost compared to building from scratch. Please keep DR safe from developers and return it to its former use with additional recreational space for families as well. Thank you!

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