Local Plan Response

Community Response to Medway Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation (March-June 2018)

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We, as members of the local community on the Hoo Peninsula, are very concerned by the latest draft Medway Local Plan. We hope you will address the following comments:
• We find the Consultation difficult to understand, but it appears from all the options that you are intent on basically doubling the number of houses on the Peninsula. We are opposed to that level of development, we think it would destroy our communities, and we do not think that it could be justified as ‘sustainable development’.
• We cannot find a clear explanation of what infrastructure (roads and transport, health, schools etc) would be required to support this development, nor what measures would be taken to address air pollution when we already exceed recommended levels on our only main road.

• We cannot see any commitment that development will only happen if the right infrastructure is in place to support it.

• We find it hard to believe the Consultation when it says the Council has no preferred option – we understand that the Council has submitted secret bids for major transport infrastructure for the Peninsula, and the Leader has made it clear publicly he will not accept development in Capstone Valley (which rules out three options) and wants to see Lodge Hill SSSI developed (which is only in one option). We are rightly concerned that the outcome is a ‘done deal’.

• There are several key options (eg redevelopment of Chatham town centre for residential) that have not been properly explored.

• Councils are required to avoid development on or next to nationally protected wildlife sites such as Lodge Hill.

So we think the Plan as it stands is unsound with regards to the Hoo Peninsula and does not meet your obligation for sustainable development.

However, we want to be part of the solution. So we ask the Council to work with the Peninsula’s community in an open and transparent way between now and the next consultation, so that together we can achieve a realistic, sustainable and sound Local Plan.

I agree for my name to be added to this Community Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation (March-June 2018) response and for my details as submitted to be use to verify my identity. I understand that my details will not be used for any other purpose.

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This petition will be available to sign in paper format at locations to be announced up until 23rd June 2018