Deangate Community Partnership Constitution

Our Purpose

To foster healthy living lifestyles and wellbeing by providing a safe, green, attractive and inclusive environment that will encourage people from all sectors of the community to increase their everyday activity and social interaction through different forms of physical activity and sport


Membership of Deangate Community Partnership shall be open to anyone interested in the objects of the Partnership.

Equal Opportunities

We aim to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. We want to challenge all forms of oppression including those based on race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender, sex, class, sexuality, gender reassignment, learning ability, physical impairment, mental illness, HIV status, age, occupation, income, wealth and unrelated criminal conviction. We aim to design our activities, services and decision making processes specifically to encourage and support participation from people who face disadvantage in society, including women, BME people, disabled people, LGBTQ people, and people on low incomes

Committee & Officers

The affairs of Deangate Community Partnership shall be managed by a Committee of no more than 10 members as appointed at the Annual Meeting

The Committee shall comprise of

  • Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Seven other committee members

The Committee shall:

  • Meet at least 3 times each year;
  • Quorate for any meeting to be at least 4 members

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held within two months of the end of the financial year of the Society.  (The financial year shall end on 31st March each year) and shall:

  • Appoint the Committee for the forthcoming year;
  • Receive the audited accounts for the previous year;
  • Consider recommendations from the Committee regarding the use of any funds held;
  • Consider other matters which might further the aims of the Partnership.

Rules Of procedure For Meetings

All Committee meetings will be minuted and records provided to all committee members

The aim would be to meet consensus rather than holding a vote for each decision.

If consensus cannot be achieved then a vote will take place

All Officers have equal voice and voting rights at Committee Meetings with the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie


The Committee at its first meeting after the Annual Meeting;

A bank account shall be opened in the name of “Deangate Community Partnership” and controlled by any two signatories, drawn from the members of the committee all of whom are authorised to act. In the Meantime DCP will make use of a temporary HSBC bank account in the name of Senior Golf Events  sort code 40-43-44 acc. 81502840.

Special General Meetings

The Secretary shall call a special, general or extraordinary meeting of the club on receiving a request signed by at least 10% of the full members. The object of such a meeting must be communicated to the Secretary with the request. The Executive Committee may also call a special general meeting when any matter of urgency/ importance shall occur. Any motion presented at such a meeting can only be carried if at least two thirds of the full members present vote in favour. At least 7 days’ notice of the meeting shall be given to the membership. Such a meeting should be called within three months of the request

Changes To The Constitution

The rules may be amended by two-thirds majority of the members present at the Annual General Meeting, provided that 21 days notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to all members.


In the event of the dissolution of the Partnership any monies held shall be passed to a similar charity with aims similar to the Partnership in conjunction with advice from the Charities Commission.

Adopted March 2019